The New Jersey Headache Institute PHILOSOPHY 

Headache Diagnosis & Proper Treatment is Our Passion

Welcome to The New Jersey Headache Institute, a medical office with years of success in diagnosing and treating the variety of conditions that can lead to painful headaches and migraines.

Unlike traditional neurologists, who focus specifically on disorders related to the nervous system, at New Jersey Headache Institute we are the only team of medical professionals in the area that can diagnose and treat headaches caused by a large variety of factors. Why are we successful in providing headache treatment in New Jersey when many others have failed?

Many of our patients are almost ready to give up hope that there is a treatment to remedy their headache in New Jersey. At New Jersey Headache Institute, what differentiates us is our philosophy regarding the treatment of headache pain: 

  1. Despite the growing trend of fast, impersonal patient care, we've returned to a traditional model where we take the time to properly diagnose our patients. We only see a limited number of patients per day.
  2. We ask a lot of questions and listen carefully to our patients. Do you have neck pain? What allergies do you have? We explore the condition carefully to find you headache relief in New Jersey.
  3. We believe in a diverse approach to diagnosis. There is no existing protocol or standard treatment. We approach each condition in an open-minded manner.
  4. We use the latest in proven technology and treatments for the most effective results. 

Our years of success at our first location in Texas, the Houston Headache Institute, inspired us to bring this differentiated approach to headache treatment in New Jersey and Florida. Call us today to schedule an appointment. We can help you put painful headaches and migraines in your past.

new jersey Headache Institute:

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