Cluster headache relief New JerseyDiagnosis & Treatment for Cluster Headaches & Migraines

Cluster Headaches Are Rare But Severe

Cluster headaches are so named because they occur in "clusters" several times a day. Some of our patients at New Jersey Headache Institute have described it as a severe stabbing pain localized in one part of the head, usually the orbits or supraorbital area. Our specialists have years of experience in effective treatment of such cluster headaches.   

Cluster headaches are sometimes accompanied by eyelid edema, miosis, ptosis, rhinorrhea, nasal congestion or conjunctival injection. They can recur several times a day, lasting from 15 to 30 minutes each with no pain between them. In some cases the episodes last as long as an hour or two. Fortunately, cluster headaches are a rare condition affecting only five percent of people. 

In contrast to migraines, cluster headaches are four times more likely to occur among men than women and tend to appear between ages 27 and 31.

Medications and Oxygen Therapy Can Provide Pain Relief

Pure oxygen therapy has been found to be a highly effective treatment against cluster headaches with as much as 70% of patients experiencing some relief from pain. The standard oxygen therapy calls for 100% oxygen dispensed at seven to ten liters a minute. As for medications, large doses of Prednisone can suppress pain when administered during a cluster headache episode. 

Subcutaneous Sumatriptan has also been found effective in treating acute symptoms of cluster headaches.

If you think you could benefit from oxygen therapy or think you may be suffering from cluster headaches, contact New Jersey Headache Institute. 

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