Headache treatment options

headache treatmentNot all headache patients are interested in an in depth analysis of all the different headache disorder types and their various causes.  Patients at New Jersey Headache Institute can be certain they are receiving the very best and most effective headache treatment for their specific condition. Our doctors and staff have spent years working with patients suffering from all different types of headache disorders, and we have developed a unique diagnostic philosophy that enables to have a high success rate.  We provide the following headache treatments: 


Medications are the most popular form of headache treatment. The right medicine prescribed by a doctor at the correct dosage is often the foundation of the help we provide patients to manage and eliminate headache pain. Headache medications are divided into three categories:  those that used in preventative therapies and abortive therapies and those providing symptomatic relief. Additionally, anti-depressant drugs can be effective in treating tension headaches, reducing their severity and occurance frequency.

Nerve Blocks

At New Jersey Headache Institute we keep abreast of the latest headache research and have begun to provide nerve blocks to patients with migraines, chronic tension headaches and post-traumatic headaches. A nerve block involves anesthetizing, and temporarily freezing, the pain impulse transmitting nerve. When the effect subsides the headache pain has lessened or disappeared. Some patients experience a permanent relief from pain after a nerve block. 


Botox has recently become a popular method of treating headaches, and chronic migraines in particular.  Our Botox treatment follows the FDA prescribed frequency of shots administered every twelve weeks for relief of headache symptoms.  Patients can expect significant improvement within the first week of receiving a treatment.  That relief can last as long as three or four months and often the affect increases with additional treatments.

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