chronic daily headache types & causes

Headaches are common in society and not generally a cause of any apprehension or concern. However, those patients that experience frequent headaches, 15 times a month or more, likely suffer from chronic daily headaches.  At Houston Headache Institute we know that chronic daily headaches, by their nature, tend to be among the most severe and disruptive of all headaches disorders. Additionally, the general consensus among physicians is that chronic daily headaches cases tend to be some of the most difficult to treat. Fortunately, our experience and unique diagnosis and treatment philosophy has given us a high success rate in the treatment of chronic daily headaches. 

Chronic daily headaches can last for several hours and are present for at least three months in a year.  They do not have a medical condition as an underlying cause. They can last for a long or short time. Chronic daily headaches that for last more than four or more hours when they strike are organized into four different categories.

Chronic Migraines 

An episodic migraine with no aura can develop into a chronic migraine.  These headaches are characterized by intense, pulsing pain restricted to only one part of the head. They will usually bring on sensitivity to sound and light as well as nausea. Chronic migraines are worsened by increased physical activity. 

Chronic Tension-type Headaches 

Chronic tension-type headaches stem from episodic tension-type headaches that increase in frequency.  Chronic tension-type headache pain can range from moderate pain on the sides of the head to a tightening pain that is described as force being applied the head. Chronic tension-type headaches can be accompanied by symptoms like light nausea and heightened sound and light sensitivity. 

New Daily Persistent Headaches 

New daily persistent headaches are so named for the their nature of their pain which becomes constant within days of the first onset. These headache's symptoms are similar to those of chronic tension-type headaches and are differentiated by their sudden and dramatic appearance.

Hemicrania Continua 

Hemicrania continua headaches are characterized by constant pain on the side of the head that lasts for days with no signs of remission. Long periods of moderate pain can alternate with short periods of severe pain. Along with migraine like symptoms, patients can experience decreased pupil size, drooping eyelids and eye redness on the side of the face affected by the pain.

At New Jersey Headache Institute we offer many treatments, both medicinal and physical therapy, to alleviate symptoms and reduce the occurrence of chronic headache conditions. Contact us today if you suffer from chronic headaches or any other headache type.