Cluster Headaches - information & treatment

Cluster HeadachesCluster headaches are characterized by fluctuating periods of severe, shooting pain in the eyes and head. The cluster headache's pattern is cyclical, the intense pain often appears suddenly and without warning, and it is then followed by a period of time free of any pain. At New Jersey Headache Institute, our unique philosophy and experience regarding the treatment of headache pain allow us to provide highly effective treatments for cluster headaches. 

Cluster headaches have been linked to the patient's biological clock as they occur at the same approximate time every year. They are generally shorter in length than the typical migraine, lasting from only 15 or 30 minutes to as long as three hours. Cluster headaches and migraine headache disorders do share some symptoms, in particular increased light and sound sensitivity, aura and sensations of giddiness. Striking with little or no warning, the pain of a cluster headache can be intense and stabbing in nature, affecting the area of the eyes before moving to other parts of the face, neck, head and shoulders.

The pain will tend to concentrate to one side or the other and is accompanied by redness and swelling in the affected area, a drooping eyelid, decreased pupils and pale, sweaty skin. Cluster headache pain is known to strike so suddenly and intensely that it will often awaken sufferers from their sleep.  The intense pain and persistent nature of a cluster headache can seriously disrupt a patient's daily life and a they will often seek a dark and quiet place to rest and manage the pain.

Although cluster headaches are a rare disorder, at New Jersey Headache Institute we are prepared to treat them with effective therapies that will reduce their frequency and severity as well as the appearance of associated symptoms. Seventy percent of our chronic headache patients have responded well to a treatment plan of 15 minutes of 100% oxygen. 

Some prescribed medicines, like Prednisone and subcutaneous Sumatriptan, are also effective treatments. Trust our physicians at the New Jersey Headache Institute to find the right combination of treatments to effectively treat your cluster headache pain

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