Migraine Headaches: causes & treatment

Migraine HeadachesAlthough they are among the most common headache disorders, some aspects of migraine headaches continue to be a mystery to doctors and patients alike. Question about their cause, associated symptoms and the best approach for treatment are posed every day. Despite some of the uncertainties regarding migraines, at New Jersey Headache Institute our specialists have a proven track record of effective treatment of migraine headaches. Our use of the latest technology and unique headache treatment philosophy differentiate us from other medical facilities. 

Migraine sufferers can experience debilitating symptoms that require bed rest. As many as 40% of migraine patients report intense pain that keeps them from performing routine daily tasks. Lasting from a few hours to as long as several days, migraines begin as a dull pain at the front of the head that then intensifies as it shifts position to other parts of the head. For many patients the pain is aggravated by physical exertion and can bring about increased sensitivity to sounds and lights. 

The exact causes of migraine headaches continue to evade scientists but their onset has been linked to changes to the brain. Researchers have recognized a kind of "pain center" in the brain where migraines may originate. Nerves cells in this part of the brain send signals to blood vessels causing them to contract and expand and release an inflammatory substance into the body. Studies have also linked migraines to genetics, finding four out five migraine patients to have a family history of migraine sufferers. A patient's chance of developing migraines increases by 75% if both their parents experienced them. Triggers for migraine headaches include fatigue, lack of sleep, malnutrition, as well as excessive stress. 

To migraine patients the most important question remains "What can be done to stop migraine headaches?" At New Jersey Headache Institute we provide a host of treatment options, including physical and medicinal therapies, to minimize migraine pain and reduce their frequency. 

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