Tension Headaches - treatment & services

While tension headaches are among the most common type of headache among adults for a long time, their exact cause is still unknown. They are believed to be triggered by internal and external personal pressures as well as stress in the patient's life.  Also known as stress headaches, tension headaches are associated with a lack of sufficient sleep, work and home stress and stress from child birth. At New Jersey Headache Institute we have a our doctors and staff are equipped with the tools and knowledge to effectively reduce and eliminate tension headache pain.

Although prevalent, and sometimes lasting all day, tension headache pain is, thankfully, mild to moderate in intensity. For this reason, tension headaches rarely disrupt a patient's daily life and routine.  Depending on their frequency, tension headaches are categorized as either episodic or chronic. Tension headache severity is tied to it's frequency with chronic tension headaches being more intense than episodic tension headaches.

Episodic tension headaches occur fewer than fifteen times a month and can last anywhere from a half hour to many days.  The typically throbbing pain increases gradually over time. Episodic tension headaches are characterized by a band of tightening pain that tends to be located in the forehead or back of the head and neck.

Chronic tension headaches happen 15 or more times a month. They manifest as throbbing pain intermittently affecting the sides and/or the top of the head. The pain is ever present and increases in severity as the headache progresses.

Tension headaches respond to a variety of treatments and are usually easy to manage. Anti-inflammatories, analgesics and even anti-depressants can be highly effective in many cases. For some patients physical therapy may be all that is needed. Ultrasound, electrical muscle stimulation and hot and cold therapy, individually or in combination, can provide abundant relief. Other, non-medicinal treatments can also be effective.  Many patient's are positively affected by counseling for stress management and often respond to various relaxation therapies. At New Jersey Headache Institute our physicians will determine the best, most effective course of action for your tension headache pain. 

If you feel you may be suffering from episodic or chronic tension headaches, contact us today.